PHP restrict different categories from different users

+1 Rehman . · February 3, 2015
i am actually pretty newbie with PHP , i have made a back end by PHP which allows to simply sign up and then log in, now i wanted to differentiate between users so i made a change to differentiate the users by putting them in a sepreate group everything is working fine till registration they got different group but i'm unable to restrict them on login those usres which i catagorized them on (Teacher/student) logs in from both login form i'have made a different form fro teacher and different for student please help me to do this, and sorry for this long story hope you get it what i'm saying

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0 Samuel Oloruntoba · February 3, 2015
why not set a session that stores what group a logged in user belongs to, then you have something to easily differentiate with.
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