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+2 mohon ali · February 2, 2015
I am newbie here. I do not know any programming language well. I want to be app developer, what kinds of language need to learn a to z, please help me................

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0 Jay Deshaun · February 6, 2015
No Problem
0 Nicholas Eason · February 9, 2015
Also, keep in mind that the Java language is MASSIVE. If you really want to learn it A to Z, Bucky will NOT teach you that. He will, however, teach you the fundamentals on how to get started, and get a little bit deeper into it. For example, as a web developer, knowing CookieManager inside and out might come in handy, but as a game developer, what is CookieManager going to do for you?

He can't cater to everyone's needs, therefore he just teaches general things that everyone should know, and a little more. 

If you ever run into wanting to know something that Bucky doesn't teach, hit up the Javadoc.


You'll see on the left a list of all the classes, with a list of all the Packages right above them. 

Good luck in your endeavor.
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Java / Android Development


Very popular language used to create desktop applications, website applets, and Android apps.

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