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+2 mohon ali · February 2, 2015
I am newbie here. I do not know any programming language well. I want to be app developer, what kinds of language need to learn a to z, please help me................

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0 Tim Herreijgers · February 2, 2015
If you want to make apps for android you have to learn java, if you want to make apps for ios you have to learn objective c
0 mohon ali · February 5, 2015
Have I have to learn  Java - Intermediate tutorials  with Java Programming 1-87 tutorials ?

please reply in a hurry
0 mohon ali · February 2, 2015
thanks buddy
I want to learn java for android app a to z  through online,  how will i start java i can not understand and can i learn java by video tutorials of yours as well as any other website/ programming book where described details including projects  in.

please inform me  in a hurry
0 Jay Deshaun · February 2, 2015
You could start learning Java here:

After you're done you could check out on how to develop an app for android here:
0 mohon ali · February 2, 2015
Is it possible to learn full course what you mentioned  with these tutorials ? I mean
Java Programming  87 tutorials and Android App Development for Beginners 66 tutorials
apart from these, do you have anything else?  as I want to learn perfectly. do not mind i need help

waiting for your good response..............

0 Jay Deshaun · February 2, 2015
Well, it depends on what you learn perfect by...
I like learning by watching and doing,
while others might like learning by reading then doing or maybe someone else talking to them giving them instructions on what to do.

What do you like to learn by?

P.S. There's no perfect way to learn other than you actually understanding what is happening while programming.
0 mohon ali · February 3, 2015
can I learn completely with Java Programming 1-87 tutorials and Android App Development for Beginners 1-66 tutorials ?
apart from these you have any tutorials related to java and android?

please tell me...........
0 Jay Deshaun · February 6, 2015
Yea, if you want to get more advance with your APP.
0 mohon ali · February 6, 2015
thank you:)
0 Nicholas Eason · February 9, 2015
Also, keep in mind that the Java language is MASSIVE. If you really want to learn it A to Z, Bucky will NOT teach you that. He will, however, teach you the fundamentals on how to get started, and get a little bit deeper into it. For example, as a web developer, knowing CookieManager inside and out might come in handy, but as a game developer, what is CookieManager going to do for you?

He can't cater to everyone's needs, therefore he just teaches general things that everyone should know, and a little more. 

If you ever run into wanting to know something that Bucky doesn't teach, hit up the Javadoc.


You'll see on the left a list of all the classes, with a list of all the Packages right above them. 

Good luck in your endeavor.
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Java / Android Development


Very popular language used to create desktop applications, website applets, and Android apps.

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