Excel 2013 - How to unprotect a workbook?

+3 Some Guy · February 1, 2015
How do I unprotect a workbook (with access to the password of course)? I googled for solutions but nothing that I found worked for me.

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0 Some Guy · February 16, 2015
I did it by simply clicking on the "Protect Workbook > Encrypt with Password" like I did when I was first setting the password, and then I left the password area blank. Setting a blank password will unprotect it.
0 barbara johnsons · October 6, 2015
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0 Smis Luk · February 25, 2016
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0 Jelly Ken · March 14, 2016
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0 smile jesuk · April 24, 2016
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0 rihana disuza · July 23, 2016
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0 Bob Trig · July 25, 2016
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0 angela jaisy · August 18, 2016
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