Command prompt not recognizing JAVAC

0 Bassam Yousuf · January 31, 2015
I installed java jdk and created a new environment variable that points to the Java jdk folder but when i run javac on my command prompt , it does not recognise it 

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0 AKT Arun · January 31, 2015
The new variable is called PATH ryt?
You have to add the path to jdk/bin folder to the PATH variable. 
0 Bassam Yousuf · January 31, 2015
no i Made a new variable in user variables and in the "value" section i pasted the location of the bin folder of java
0 AKT Arun · January 31, 2015
did u add <jdk folder> to path or <jdk folder>/bin ?
you need to add the bin folder then open cmd and enter JAVAC
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