How to properly store cryptographic keys?

+1 Timmy Cafe · January 28, 2015
I have a key that is used to decrypt a file. I need help trying to store the key to help minimize any unauthorized people from getting the key? The only thing is i am not going to be using a server, the key will have to be stored on the machine, but how do i do this securely?

P.S. i am using python, if you were wondering what programming language i am using to generate the key.

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+1 Jake Scaife · January 28, 2015
Print each character of the encryption key onto a different piece of paper and leave in different areas of the city you live in.

Leave yourself a clue on how to find the first one and create puzzles which you can distribute with the pieces of paper on how to find the next character in the key.

Once you have found them all, realise you should use a computer to do this!

Split up the encryption key and store it in different places on a file system, the more pieces the more secure.
Finding one particular piece is not difficult for an intruder etc but finding them all is much more difficult.

Then just include some type of over complicated hashing algorithm to put the pieces back together when you need them.

That's the basics on how I store encryption keys, I find that most industry standards use similar methods unless it needs to be more secure.
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