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+2 Arnab Banerjee · January 28, 2015
 To Which programming language I should give priority 1  Java or C++?

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+1 Kuroodo Ditory · January 28, 2015
It all depends on what you want to do.

Want to make android games? Then learn Java
Want to make mobile games in general? Learn C#
Want to make web browser games? Learn actionscript(Flash) or javascript.
Want to make 2D games? Any would work
Want to make 3D games? C++ would work best

Yes you can still use any language instead of the ones I specified (like making 3d games with Java). There are also other languages out there that can work as well.

Also, many game engines out there have their own scripting language aside from programming language. But some (like Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint) have their own scripting language that does not require knowing any programming language, but programming knowledge would still be a must.

But overall, for any large project, C++ would work best.
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