What Is The Best Programming Practice!

+7 M Uxi · January 27, 2015
So I Know Here Are So Many Programmers And Everyone Have Their Own Techniques So what do you think what is the best Practice Share Here so Others Know The Best And If Your Posted Some One Already So Give Him RateUp?

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+1 Branislav Lazic · January 27, 2015
What do you mean by that? Question is quite unclear.
+2 Cardinal Coog · January 27, 2015
I think the original poster was attempting to ask something to the effect of: "How do you practice programming?" or "What techniques do you use to become a more proficient programmer?"

If that is indeed the case, then I would say: Try to learn something (at least one) new thing everyday - Maybe a function or library you haven't used before. Also, go back and re-watch the videos - There is usually something missed the first time, plus it reiterates the concepts in your mind. And finally, practice, practice, practice - the more you write, the better you'll get.

Hope that helps.
+3 Neil Cannon · January 27, 2015
1. Structure the code in a logical easy to read map.
2. Add comments to describe code.
3. Don't add unnececessary code.
4. Fully test.
+4 Branislav Lazic · January 27, 2015
Saying: "Just code" is just wrong. Easiest part about programming is to code. Hardest part is to think how things will be done. To think about design of your code. Will it be easy to maintain, will it be easy to extend, will it be easy to read, will it be easy implemented for practical use etc. 
+1 M Uxi · January 28, 2015
Yeah I Agree WIth You Guys The More You Give Time To Programming the more you learn. 
1. Read Others Code Make You Better Problem Solving .
2. Always Find 2 Ways To Doing The Same Work Because if one Not Works go to the Alternate.
3. Research is must in Programming How much deep you go inside for understand.
+1 Kuroodo Ditory · January 28, 2015
1. Look at other people's work
2. Think of a program to make. If you need to figure something out and you get stuck, look it up
3. Later on, re-code or add/change the program to have better implementation of it's features (use what you've learned to make the program better and make the code better) .

4. Make simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe
5. Work on a large project from time to time.
6. Compare your code to someone elses. See what's different, who has better code/implementation, see what can be added or removed from your code.
+2 Branislav Lazic · January 28, 2015

The more you code, the better you get. And it's simple as this.

That's absolutely incorrect. What if I tell you that I met guy that writes god awful code after ten years of experience? And now, since he gets paid for that, he's declared as "professional programmer"! He's not the only one.

Here are some of my practices from aspect of Java programmer:

  • Make your application code as losely coupled as possible. 

Find general design pattern for your application. Think about maintenance of your code.

  • Setting code to high level of abstraction

 I find this as one of most important practices. Find common behavior. High level of abstraction significantly reduces              redundance of code, increases maintainability, extendability etc. 

Metaprogramming practices:

  • Use project management tools

Whether is Maven, Gradle, Leiningen, CMake... just use it.
It's so crucial you can't even imagine! It's not just about automatic resolving of dependencies. I.e. Maven or Gradle project management tools make your project IDE/editor independent. 

Bad example of project dependency management: Cyclos banking system. Cyclos uses manual dependency management. Setup for Cyclos took me 3 hours.

Good example of project dependency management: Broadleaf e-commerce framework. Project uses Maven project management tool. Imported project to IntellijIDEA, enabled auto-import for Maven, job's done! 

  • Use version control tools

Git, SVN... doesn't matter.

  • Use your IDE/editor in most efficient way

It doesn't matter which one. VS, IntellijIDEA, Eclipse... learn about your IDE. Small things like shortcuts, templates...can significantly boost your productivity. 
+2 Abdullah Nauman · January 28, 2015
Watch Bucky's tutorials, and follow along in your compiler. Then Make a simple program using everything you learned
+1 M Uxi · January 29, 2015
@Branislav Lazic Nice One Dude Very Usefull.
+1 Dennis Siaw · January 29, 2015
Just think of improving on subsequent projects.
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