Iphone or Android?

0 Mr. Computer · January 27, 2015
Iphone is better or Android? 

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+1 Aya Khal · January 27, 2015
In my opinion, iphone is better. 
+1 Alf Nohr · January 27, 2015
It all gets on personal  preference, so go with the one you like best :), however the specs on the Samsung is probably better than the Iphone.
+1 Lazar Bulic · January 27, 2015
The right question is this:

Iphone vs Android vs Nokia Lumnia


The more you pay for the Android it will take him longer to start to get buggy and to start having problems.

As for Iphone well it never bugs and crash.

Nokia is good but still need more work and apps on market.

So final rank:

1. Iphone
2. Nokia Lumnia
3. Android
+1 Miloslav Nosek · January 28, 2015
Depends on your preference.
+1 Mike Conroy · January 30, 2015
+1 Troy Jones · January 30, 2015
Android... Unless you're a tool.
+1 Paarth Tandon · January 31, 2015
Android because of customization and no stupid $100/yr fee to publish apps.:happy:
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