Polymorph vs Inheritance

0 Earl Hudson · January 27, 2015

Okay, from what I see, these two are pretty much the same function in that they both use separate classes, both link with the base classes public areas. The only difference I see from the jump is inheritance lets the sub classes use the base classes methods, and poly morphs allow you to write your own methods based on the members of the base class. Is that it? What else separates these two methods? Am I missing something? If that's it, I think I can move on, if not, I need to hunker down and do some more in depth reading.

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+1 M Uxi · January 27, 2015
Yeah There Are A lot of Difference in both.

Check This Link For Complete Detail.

Or You Can Find It By Yourself its OOP concepts.
0 Earl Hudson · January 27, 2015
. I saw buckys videos on inheritance and poly, They looked basically the same even though he did show a difference.. Thanks for the link. So I'm making an RPG with 200 different monsters. each monster has it's own sucess/fail rate based off level and it's own stats. Of course weapons and attack messages are different. Not looking forward to making 200 different sub  classes, but if that's what it takes to prove yer a nerd...:)  Thank you M U xi
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