Why do you program?

+23 Bucky Roberts · January 27, 2015
For me, it is because I like to build things. Programming (to me) is like the coolest toy you could ever buy. At first, learning was really frustrating whenever I would have a bug I couldn't figure out, or even just feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there was to learn. But after a while the ability to create new things whenever I felt far outweighed everything else. 

Its awesome being able to build things without having to buy supplies or material. All you need is knowledge, time, and some motivation. Pretty cool if you think about it  :)

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0 Barik Yusif · April 20, 2016
I love it
0 R.K Cheun · July 20, 2015
College dropout (for now) w/ no job and it gives me something to do aside from raging at other players on video games for not being as good as me.
0 Rina C · July 17, 2015
I started to like coding/programming because I took a discrete mathematics class for fun (took it for fun when I first discovered that math was really interesting and easy when it is taught correctly, since I went through my entire schooling life with teachers who had no clue on how to teach mathematics correctly), so I went crazy in college and took all the math classes available. Discrete mathematics was the most exciting because it "applied logic" (you can solve a given problem by coming up with your own solutions) as opposed to "applied formulas" like many of the other math classes and imagine my excitement when I found out that you can actually APPLY everything you've learnt in discrete math with programming! 
0 fanty banty · July 17, 2015
like payton says: programming is magic. and one who doesnt like magic is lost...
0 Tatrasiel R · July 16, 2015
@Kevin Ongili   And then you joined assassins creed?
0 Kevin Ongili · July 16, 2015
I started programming when i was a kid and it was for fun, i later realized when in high school that I could build useful applications.... I love coding especially solving bugs which usually makes me very excited when i solve them.
0 Payton Juneau · July 15, 2015
WARNING: I'm emotional about programming XD

In a world where technology is surrounding us by the second, programmers become gods. We give life. You take a hunk of lifeless plastic and metal and tell it exactly what to do. We create. We solve problems and entertain. We can do anything and make anything do anything. It's almost like some sort of magic. And I love it.
0 Serite Ross · July 15, 2015
My main love lies in being a computer technician more than a computer programmer, but I do like programming :) it's cool and it's exhilarating, working on certain projects for days and having them end up working just like i want. It's amazing. Programming has brought me to tears as much as it's brought me happiness but I dont mind.
0 OLayemii Garuba · July 15, 2015
Cause there would be nothing else i could do...
0 Developer John · July 15, 2015
Finding the limits is enjoyable. Finding conflicts between your program is frustrating. It's almost as if programming is fantastic, but horrific in a way. 

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