Why do you program?

+23 Bucky Roberts · January 27, 2015
For me, it is because I like to build things. Programming (to me) is like the coolest toy you could ever buy. At first, learning was really frustrating whenever I would have a bug I couldn't figure out, or even just feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff there was to learn. But after a while the ability to create new things whenever I felt far outweighed everything else. 

Its awesome being able to build things without having to buy supplies or material. All you need is knowledge, time, and some motivation. Pretty cool if you think about it  :)

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0 Mete Öncü · July 15, 2015
" the coolest toy you could ever buy" is pretty good expression. Coding makes me feel like I am creating my soldiers and workers. They try to realize my wishes nonstop. It's awesome. It is like talking to machines.
0 Ian Arbuckle · February 13, 2015
I enjoy building things with computers and I spend most of my time on the computer. It started when I did carpentry as a subject in school where I got to build things with materials and then browsing on the internet one day I started to take an interest in programming as it didn't cost me nearly anything.
0 Samuel Abusamra · February 10, 2015
To get into college :)
0 wernich wilsenach · July 15, 2015
late nineties i when i was about 13 i started getting interested in it. i knew computers worked with ones and zeros, but i couldn't imagine how someone could write a program that way. it was like trying to imagine how big the universe is.

at around 16 we started turbo pascal at school and since then i've been hooked. probably my biggest problem was our crap expensive internet in south africa at that time, and also games. i was very easily distracted...
(fighting the urge to check facebook now)

now i'm pretty much watching tutorials all the time. at this moment i'm looking into assembly (a bit difficult), bootstrap, c, c#, html5 & css, knockout, mongo, nodejs, php. i enjoy watching tutorials and learning new things.

now programming has completely taken over. it really is the coolest toy ever - i still haven't finished uncharted3 and i started playing it about 2 years ago. :D
0 Developer John · February 10, 2015
Ha, college.
0 Bernhard Riemann Georg Friedrich · July 6, 2015
To harness the power of your ideas.
0 R.K Cheun · July 20, 2015
College dropout (for now) w/ no job and it gives me something to do aside from raging at other players on video games for not being as good as me.
0 Developer John · July 15, 2015
Finding the limits is enjoyable. Finding conflicts between your program is frustrating. It's almost as if programming is fantastic, but horrific in a way. 
0 Barik Yusif · April 20, 2016
I love it
0 OLayemii Garuba · July 15, 2015
Cause there would be nothing else i could do...

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