Print books or e-books?

+5 Bucky Roberts · January 27, 2015
I honestly have mixed feelings about it. For me, I love being about to buy books online and read them instantly. Also on my iPad, I can read at night in the dark because of the backlight which is awesome. But there is something about a physical book, and being able to see your progress and flip though the pages that I really like. I even started buying more print books recently because of it. 

Which do you prefer?

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+4 M Uxi · January 27, 2015
Well I Prefer Print-Books Because it gives Good Feelings When you Turn to next page .
E-books Is Great Resource Too but i think tutorials made easy for learning on internet rather than reading books.
0 Mr. Computer · January 27, 2015
well i like reading physical books 
but online is good too 
0 Aya Khal · January 27, 2015
Print books are better for me. 

Since, one can react better while reading and write notes if one liked to return to it. 
0 Sheldon Juncker · January 27, 2015
Print. I can't stand e-books, except when I need to search for a specific word or phrase.
0 Saud Rehman · June 17, 2015
Both, but i prefer Books over e-books.
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