Stupid Question for a newbie thats never looked at PHP

0 Michael Marshall · January 26, 2015

Just looked at the first 2 videos of the PHP tutorials and i was just wandering if i followed them would it be safe? would anybody be able to access my computer through the port 80 if i followed the tutorials closely? ( i no nought about ports )

one second the guy said dont do this because people can access your computer, the next he says he's gunna open port 80 which im sure people would be able to access?

Basically im asking if i follow the TuTs to a T would i be safe....

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0 Dave Luling · January 27, 2015
Nah, it would be safe if you stay on your localhost. Also, you should learn more about how networking works before you may start making websites. :)

 Did you learn Html and CSS already? I should start with that first if you didn't.

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