Python - TkInter Vs PyQt?

+1 Vuk Skobalj · January 26, 2015
give some advice guys ? :)

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+1 Jake Scaife · January 26, 2015
From experience TkInter is a great library for GUI in python. Very easy to learn and implement and a lot of fun to mess around with!
+1 Samuel Oloruntoba · January 30, 2015
tkinter is okay, but pyqt is awesome and native to the operating system, i'd say pyqt beats tkinter, but it doesnt hurt to learn both and then decide which is more favorable
0 Nishant Kumar Thakur · February 6, 2015
For small projects, you could use TKinter to learn the basics of GUI programming in python. For medium sized projects, you could use PySide (it's still all manual code). For pretty big projects, you could use PyQT as it comes with a designer which makes it pretty easy to layout UI elements.

It may help to check out these resources to get you started:-
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