Unknown network error while downloading Android studio

0 Gaurav Anil · January 26, 2015
i got an unknown network error while i was downloading android studio, after completing almost 440 Mb, it suddenly failed and displayed an error, i'd gone through the procedure and also already downloaded the java jdk.
The error was like this, please suggest some help. I shall be grateful to you.!!!!!!!

android-studio-bundle-135.1641136.exeUnknown network error.

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+1 M Uxi · January 27, 2015
Try To Reinstall It From Android Website For Secure Download : 
+1 M Uxi · January 26, 2015
This is network error. means connection lost you need to download again.
if you internet is slow try to download at that time when you get good speed.
0 Gaurav Anil · January 26, 2015
But everything happened right in front of my eyes, The speed didn't dropped down,  at that time my speed was around 234 Kbps/sec and then just in fraction of seconds,it displayed an error of unknown network
0 Gaurav Anil · January 26, 2015
But,everything happened right in front of my eyes, At that time, my speed was about 234 Kbps/sec, then just in fraction of seconds, the message of unknown error got dispalyed.
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