How to remember everything?

+6 Seth Morrow · June 12, 2014
I am in this situation where I learn something new about HTML5 and CSS3. (tags, styling in css and such)
However, I keep forgetting it all after a week or two. It's the same with other languages I learn, but especially
CSS and HTML because of all the tags and styling.

Is it normal to remember everything, or will you always forget something?
How can I remember all these tags, functions and styling?

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+7 Emily Cash · June 12, 2014
Nope, I have been using HTML and CSS for years and I still have to look up things every time I make a new website. 
+5 Miloslav Nosek · June 12, 2014
Its all about practice. If you forget it, just look it up and after some time, you'll remember more and more until you get to the point when you're forgetting just a little things. It was all the same to me when I started and now I can hardly understand why I had to look up so many things back then :).
+2 Jay Deshaun · June 12, 2014
Ya, it's normal to forget everything, unless you create websites everyday or edit your website everyday where you would remember the code or tags.
+2 Gregory Ballantine · June 13, 2014
It takes some practice man. :) I've got a great memory, but it's never an issue to have a tab open with an html or css reference for... well, reference ;) And I don't think anyone really expects you to memorize the tags and styles and crap, unless you have a class and your professor is a jerk ;D

If you're really concerned about memorizing stuff, however, start doing some exercises daily and try to test what you can do without references first, before looking up what you need/want.
+1 Alex Proksch · July 15, 2015
     I don't know if this helps but, I write down every new thing I learn in a note book. By the end of the note book I basically have my own personal text book on the topics I understand how I understand them. I also find it a great way to keep track of and develop projects. I even keep track of my mistakes. You never know when you might need to know what you did wrong. 
+1 Kaveh Greenwood · July 16, 2015
I feel the same way at times. I recognize that I remember more when I start using specific classes, styles, etc frequently. I get to that point in dev and it just comes to me in a snap when I didn't expect it to.
0 Otto Von Chesterfield · July 16, 2015
I commonly use as a reference guide.
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