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+1 Ryan Marr · January 25, 2015
For me hitting "build and run" dosen't bring up the the black box like it did for him in the video will this be a problem?

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0 Cardinal Coog · January 26, 2015
Have you already compiled and executed the program once? If so, you need to close out the terminal window where the program ran before you can compile it again.
0 ryan vollmer · January 26, 2015
Yes, this is very important and you will not be able to do these tutorials without that working.  This is where your program displays all its output (such as when you are using cout) and where you enter input (when using cin).

I also saw your other question regarding the compiler.  Without this working your program will never compile (the build part of build and run), and thus never run.  This is why you are not seeing the black box that pops us as it cannot build your program.  I would revisit the first video on installing CodeBlocks, you most likely installed the one without a compiler built in.
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