What is so hard about talking to girls?

+1 Emily Cash · June 12, 2014
I was talking with my brother and his friend today and he said that it is difficult for guys to approach girls and talk to them. Why is that? Are they nervous or worried about what they are going to say!?

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0 Alexander Taylor · June 13, 2014
For me I generally find the problem to be I have nothing to talk about with them, doesn't matter if I like them or not. Other than programming I don't really have much other interests, Unfortunately there are not many female programmers, yes they are out there but, not where I am. So it's mainly a problem of, what would you talk about? no real point in talking to them if you have nothing to say.
+1 Nathan Lile · June 12, 2014
Haha... its my impression that a lot of people on coding forums aren't quite as comfortable with girls as others... In my opinion, the hardest thing is to know what a girl wants. Its only nerve racking when you can't tell what the girl is thinking / wants. That's why people should just be blunt :D
+1 Ethan Fraser · June 12, 2014
Okay, to relate to my experiences, the girl that I have feelings for is in my eyes, perfection. When I'm in the same room as her, I feel giddy. I can barely talk to her without tripping over my words and her just looking at me can make me feel dizzy. Incredibly cliché, I know, but it's the truth and it's part of why I find it hard to talk to girls I'm attracted to. Especially her.
+1 Emily Cash · June 12, 2014
Yes. I dunno, I feel comfortable and happy around them I guess.
+1 Ethan Fraser · June 12, 2014
Before I explain my reasoning I just want to ask, do you have feelings for a guy or girl? If yes, how do they make you feel when you see them, talk to them, spend time with them, etc?
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