computer science a good major?

+2 danial saufi · January 25, 2015
Can i have ur opinions. is it a good major? does it pay well?

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0 danial saufi · January 25, 2015
how much do they get payed?
0 Gregory Carmichael · February 4, 2015
All depends on the area of specialty,  there are different branches and the salary range is huge. 40k to 160k. The biggest thing you need to consider is if you enjoy it. If you enjoy it the pay is just a bonus.
+2 Cardinal Coog · February 4, 2015
I always find this topic somewhat humorous. It's been my experience (more often than not) that at the end of the day, your college major has very little impact on what you actually do for a living. I know someone who majored in History and he works at a tech company. I know a very successful attorney who earned his Bachelor degree in "Women's Studies." I don't even know what "Women's Studies" encompasses. I once dated a woman who majored in Math and she works as a bartender.

The main thing is: Can you set a goal for yourself? Can you work hard to achieve said goal? Are you happy doing what you do day -in / day-out? I guess, that's what's really important. Because, if you're miserable doing something, no matter how well it pays, you can make others around you miserable as well.
0 danial saufi · February 4, 2015
+Cardinal coog well i dont like really care about the pay.. yea the pay for living and everything ofc , but its not me but its my dad. he wants me to take geologist while i kinda like computer science more. he thinks that computer science doesnt get much paid. tried to convince him but he still wants me to take geologist cause he sees the IT people in his office doesnt get paid much.
0 Cardinal Coog · February 4, 2015
Danial, what will make you happy? You like computer science? Fine.  If that's what you're passionate about, pour yourself into it. Your father is just trying to look out for you. Like most parents, he just wants what he believes is best for you. Geology probably served your father well. But, you cannot live your life trying to make other people happy. Life is too short.
+1 c student · February 4, 2015
i have to say, the examples provided by Cardinal Coog about college courses and future career paths were quite poor.  i mean, history?  there isn't much to provide jobs for majors like that... what do they even do as a job?  not to mention women's studies?? what? what companies hire those kinds of people?  as for mathematics, it's quite a difficult field to find careers in...  it's the opposite in my case.  i know people who have studied optometry, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and they have all found jobs in their respective fields upon graduation...

back to topic about computer sciences, technology is on the rise, companies are demanding more people who have skill and knowledge with computers. computer science is an incredibly broad field with so many specifications such as databases, security, networking, robotics, human interaction, artificial intelligence, etc... this isn't even close to what an IT technician does... (although you could go that path if you wanted).  fact is, you will probably never become redundant, your skills are and will always be required as long as computers are involved and, as stated previously, if you find it fun, you'll never have to work a day in your life.
0 danial saufi · February 4, 2015
+c student +Cardinal Coog i totally understand my dad cause hes doing whats right but yeah i dont know what to say. im freaking confuse now and well i tink ill just follow what he says. And for me i tink that what cardinal is saying that as long as you love your career than u will find a way to get money out of it. and i do agree with him plus its kinda true. People may see that teaching doesnt get a lot of money.. then if you love teaching then they would find a way to get the money. Like a teacher doesnt need to teach at school only. they can do tuisyen, online teaching and many more if they have the will to do it. and since they love teaching surely they wouldnt mind it. So right now ill just take geologist and after i work a few years either i take a course in computer science or ill learn by myself(which i am doing right now). or maybe ill take a double degree but i dont know if i have the energy and the brain to take double degree. Thx for your opinions:)
0 Cardinal Coog · February 4, 2015
C Student: I'm sorry you find my examples to be "poor." That's your opinion. You're entitled to it and I respect that.  But, what I stated is true. There are many more examples of people who became successful in fields that aren't even closely related to their college major. There are even more people that were successful and never even finished college.

And, there are even more people that I know who studied something they actually hated, made a lot of money but were completely miserable. A prime example, would be a woman I met in graduate school. She had gone to nursing school because nurses are always in high demand and the pay is good. I used to converse with her when she returned from work. I can't count how many times she broke down in tears because she hated her job. She despised the people she worked with and even her own mother who basically forced her into nursing. She was completely losing it.

If a person is lucky enough to find a job they're passionate about, something they really enjoy doing, the money will usually follow. And even if they never become rich, at least they're happy.

As for computer science, yes, technology is on the rise. Technology is rapidly growing and ever evolving. By the time you complete a four-year college degree how much of what you studied is already outdated???? How many people do you know that are still programming in languages such as COBOL or FORTRAN? But, if you enjoy it, feel free to learn it.
0 Cardinal Coog · February 4, 2015
And, to answer C Student's question about what company hired a History major... you might have heard of a small company called Microsoft. Companies large and small want well-rounded, intelligent people. They do not want to hire a bunch of drones that all have the exact same background, education, etc. They hire people that work hard and can get the job done.
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