hello everyone! need some advice.

+1 fabrizio agate · January 25, 2015
First of all great video tutorials 
They are really amazing.

I would like to make a website for myself. Like a portfolio 
Its a blog and a photo gallery 
I would like to be dynamic and I would like to load more photos without reload the full pages 
Like ajax and to have some kind of connection to my facebook page.
I knews some php ajax but i forgot them.
I was thinking to learn python? What would be the best to learn for me? Php, python or .net?
Is it possible to use python and ajax together? Or maybe there is no need for it?
Thabk you so much for the help

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0 Lazar Bulic · January 25, 2015
There is no need to learn anything, use WordPress its all you need and described in the best possible package. All you need is to find a nice theme. 
0 fabrizio agate · January 25, 2015
Eheh i know that
But i want to learn how to do it just for fun 
I want to learn a.programming language 
So what would you advice me to start with?
0 Lazar Bulic · January 25, 2015
Well if you are interested in web development I would suggest PHP or JavaScript.
JavaScript will be easier to implement as you don't need Apache server to run it unlike php.
0 fabrizio agate · January 25, 2015
Id start with some web development but im new at programming 
Id like to be able to do something else in the future 
JavaScript and java are two different things?
0 fabrizio agate · January 25, 2015
I studied a bit JavaScript and java are different 
Ajax is just using a combination of JavaScript xml and.something else 
So i will try to learn python insteat of php to use as server side and.JavaScript 
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