I have embeded video from Youtube in my c# store application like this sample code from MSDN Blogs: Creating a very simple WebView in my xaml page: 

<WebView x:Name="webView" />

 then in xaml.cs file, set the contents of the WebView to an iframe that contains the embedded youtube video. The size of the iframe will define the size of WebView:

string html = @"<iframe width=""800"" height=""480"" src=""http://www.youtube.com/embed/" + videoID + @"?rel=0"" frameborder=""0"" allowfullscreen></iframe>";


videoID is a string containing the ID of the video. It’s the string that comes after the v= and before the & in the video URL.
MY question is how to make in XAML a list like that in the youtube.com that contains a list of videos when clicked it opens the video in new page.
like this in the box: /images/forum/upload/2015-01-24/c22d4ba38dfcb7b098398c90d3ce7682.png