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0 Arnab Banerjee · January 24, 2015
What are the key differences between Java and python? and what language we should choose and why?

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+2 Branislav Lazic · January 24, 2015
First question can be answered. Second question is just wrong.
Both languages are pretty different.
Syntax of Python is way lighter.
Python is based on functional paradigm, Java on imperative paradigm.
Implementations of Python are mostly interpreted often half-compiled too.
Implementations of Java are mostly half-compiled. 

When it comes to performances of these two languages, Java is without of doubt obvious winner. Although, both languages are not supposed to be used for high performance applications. So, that's definitely not a matter of discussion. 

Now, important part, Java is statically typed while Python is dinamically typed. Importance about this comes after years of experience with both statically and dinamically typed languages. 

What can you do with these programming languages:

- Desktop applications:
Java is obvious winner. AFAIK, best what Python can offer when it comes to desktop applications are wxPython, PySide and PyQt.
Java's new JavaFX 8 UI toolkit is way superior.

- Web application development:
Let's say that Python is a winner since Java is an overkill when it comes to general purpose web applications.

- Mobile platform:
Java is primary language for Android application development.
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