Will Bitcoin Last?

+2 Jonah Morrison · June 11, 2014
Do you guys think that Bitcoin will survive long term? Do you think it will become more valuable or less valuable?

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+1 Jonah Morrison · June 11, 2014
Ah, this makes a lot of sense!
+3 Bucky Roberts · June 11, 2014
Yes the Bitcoin network is very secure. The core code is actually rather simple and it is built around the idea of encryption. The only part of the Bitcoin community that isnâ??t secure are the dumb websites and exchanges that pop up. People put their Bitcoin on websites with very poor security and thats where they can get stolen.

There are thousands of computers all around the world that are constantly verifying all Bitcoin transactions and accounts. So if someone tries to change the code to add more Bitcoin to their account, or send more than they have, all the other computers will basically say â??ha, nice try!â??
+2 Jonah Morrison · June 11, 2014
Is it secure? Or could someone try and fake transactions. I know with real currencies people can counterfeit. Can you do the same with cryptocurrency?
+4 Bucky Roberts · June 11, 2014
I am not sure if Bitcoin will last but I am almost certain that some cryptocurrency will be the way of the future. There are just way too many benefits of it not to succeed in my opinion. 
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