My challenge to everyone on this forum

+7 Lazar Bulic · January 24, 2015
The task is simple:

Users inserts an whole number N. Print a square  matrix using this pattern. Example is give for N = 4 


Let the games begin :D

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0 c student · February 9, 2015

you might want to look at it from a different angle... literally.
0 Lazar Bulic · February 9, 2015
Kevin that is the point of the second one. As soon as you figure out the pattern programming it  will be easy :)
While on the other had the first patter is easy but programming it is a little bit harder.  
+2 Kevin Faust · February 9, 2015
I will try the first one but I don't understand the pattern in the second one.
0 Lazar Bulic · February 8, 2015
Matrix is a multidimensional array. That should kick start your search :) There are many simpler matrices that you can practice on. The first 1 I gave is really hard and the second one isn't quite simple if you just started. 
I can give you a simpler examples if you want. 
0 J show · February 8, 2015
Yea i dont even know how to make a matrix in c yet. i'm still pretty new to it:(
0 Lazar Bulic · January 27, 2015
I have solved all of these but I saw people asking for more challenges on this forum so I though why not give some. But it looks like nobody is taking my matrix seriously :(
+1 Lazar Bulic · January 26, 2015
Nobody, oh come on people :D You didn't even bother to try. Maybe start with something easier. 

Try this one:

User inputs whole number n. Form square matrix nxn that follows this patter. Following example is given for N=5

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