How do I use my computer's keyboard when running android app

+2 Sammy Lee · January 23, 2015

How do I use my computer's keyboard when running an android app?  I can only use the emulator's input.  It would be nice if I can use my PC's. 
some keys on my pc works like escape that will toggle the emulator's keyboard to appear/disappear; that's pretty much it, no other keys seem to work.

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+4 M Uxi · January 27, 2015
If You are using Android Studio Then Go To AVD Manager > Edit Your VIrtual Device Then Click On Show Advance Settings Scroll Down And You See Keyboard Section . Just check it And it is Enable .

AVD Manager > Edit > Show Advance Setting > Keyboard > Enjoy.
0 Adrian Boisclair · January 23, 2015
This won't answer your question, but have you tried using a physical Android device?  

I've come across the same problem, but since I've been using a tablet I completely forgot about this issue! :-D

0 Sammy Lee · January 27, 2015
thanks Adrian.  I am new to this so still getting comfortable with android studio and android programming.  but at first this happened when I was using the nexus 5 as the emulator;  it works now after I switched to the galaxy Nexus; so works for me.
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