Should I get a tablet or just a laptop

+3 ben C · January 23, 2015
I bought a very first generation of Ipad, the "Alpha" . I dont remember when I bought it, but it was quite a while, probably 2 or 3 years ago or maybe 4. I understand that technologies advance everyday. but not like the ipad "alpha", which was completely obsolete within 3 to 5 years. Literally all apps to date require at least iOS 7 or later. The ipad "Alpha" can only update to iOS 5. So this thing is literally a piece of junk. It's probably only worth $3 of salvage metal. Even my 10 years old windows XP Pentium 4 computer can do more. 

Now I want to get another tablet. I feel tablet is more convenient than laptop. But I don't want any more ipad. I see this Samsung galaxy tab pro 10. The price is cheaper than the ipad and i see the review is pretty positive. But then i am not sure if this thing will become obsolete within 3 or 5 years like the very first ipad.  How how long do you think Samsung Galaxy tab pro 10.1 will last? or should I just get a new laptop? Thanks

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+1 Adrian Boisclair · January 23, 2015
Get a PC laptop that has power, and get an inexpensive Android tablet.

If you spent only a few hundred on a tablet, you won't feel so bad buying a new one every two years.
And a good laptop is upgrade ready, last you at least 3-4 years.
+1 Neil Cannon · February 22, 2015
Get a laptop and put a blue stacks android emulator on it!
+1 ♦Avishka RJ ♦™ · March 8, 2015
If you are doing ure studings you'd better take a laptop 
0 Dol Lod · March 9, 2015
Get a convertible. That way you get the best of both worlds. You can write using a touchscreen if you need to and otherwise, write everything up in text files. 
+1 Roman Smirnov · March 9, 2015
A laptop with a touchscreen. The touchscreen is surprisingly useful.
Dell XPS is a very good choice in terms of performance and build quality. Recently bought an Inspiron 7548 which is also very nice. 
0 fanty banty · July 17, 2015
tablet is for playing games, 
laptop for making them

easy enough
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