SoS, My floats are off...

+1 John Strider · January 23, 2015
Anyone out there  willing to help a noob?

I'm trying to make a responsive website layout. 
but I cannot get my block elements to automatically center as you change the browser size. As of now they are left justified.

So for I've tried:
1. margin: 0 auto; (makes them too close to each other)
2. left: 50%; / left: -50%; (off center && elements interfere with one another )
3. display:inline-block; (puts the content below the sidebars)

But none of those techniques have worked in this context.(It is possible I screwed up when trying them though.)

This is what I have so far:


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0 Gabriel Badiola · February 4, 2015
Hello there :)

If you want a responsive design you should use either flexbox or media-queries to get the job done :)

Hope it helps :D
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