How do you create a 3D game like Crysis, COD and so on?

+4 James Dada · January 22, 2015

Hi there, I want to create a 3D video game like Crysis, COD, and so on and I need advise on how to go about that.
~ I have no programming skill except in web designing.
~ Which programming language do you think I should work with.
~ I am ready to face the challenges
~ Which game Engine do you think I should use.
~ What are the main device you think I must have.
~ Pls advise me.. Thanks

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0 bobby habib · January 23, 2015
forget about c++ it's too hard.
go for unity3d. 
0 Michael Bianchi · January 23, 2015
You can download the Crysis Engine and use its library and IDE but you would really benefit from learning C++ first. I highly recommend not only these c++ videos but also check out Game Institute and pay the $100 - it's well worth it. Or, just simply browse the learning schedule and piece it together yourself (that's the free hacker way).
-1 Kuroodo Ditory · January 26, 2015
If you don't want to learn to code through text, you could always get Unreal Engine 4 and learn their Blueprint language. It's a Visual-Drag and Drop-Coding language

Unreal Engine 4 is just $19. You can pay $19 and have it forever and be able to release games. But if you wanna keep getting updates and new version, then you'll have to pay $19 every month,

UE4 is VEEEERY easy to use.
0 Kuroodo Ditory · January 28, 2015
Meh, I prefer doing tutorials here on TheNewBoston than reading books (that's how I learned at least). Then just practice and experiment. Use StackOverflow when you have a question or problem. Then experiment;Think of a program to make and try it. If it needs something that you might now know about yet or such, just look it up and you'll end up learning something new.

But just know that C++ may be a bit harsh as a first language. If you're motivated and determined, then C++ shouldn't be a problem for you.
0 mag magz · January 28, 2015
@Mathias Frits Rorvlk 
I support your advise.
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