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+1 John McCartney · January 22, 2015

I'm currently taking a bunch of coding classes and one is C#. We're using VS 2013. Our instructor has us creating the form and inserting buttons, text box's etc. Are there any tutorials here where the same format is used IE: creating the forms and inserting the required fields, than coding each field? This is my 4th week in C# so I'm not sure if this even makes sense :)

Thank you.

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0 Donald Trump · January 23, 2015
I don't see any problems with it. We're also using VS 2013. And no, there are no tutorials about C# with VS 2013, because the tutorials have been made before the 2013 year, and also, why does it matter anyways? Whatever VS version you use for C# is always the same, but the newer ones are more flexible.
0 Eugene Botma · January 23, 2015
Branislav That is a pretty harsh way to look at his education. While I agree that it is better to learn programming by using console first, there is nothing wrong with learning the way he is. I was taught in the same way and I think of myself as a decent programmer. The important thing is that he wants to learn how to program. As long as that desire is there, he will learn.

There have been some major (and awesome) changes in vs 2013, but the basic design of the program is still the same. The buttons are still in the same place and for what level you're working at right now, 2013 and 2010 is basically the same. You can check out adams c# tutorials under the "videos and tutorials" tab here, but I would rather say that you should just pay attention in class and practice as much as you can. That is much more valuable than an extra series of tutorials to follow.
0 Eugene Botma · January 23, 2015
So you're saying I wasted my time attending similar classes at university? If so, surely i wouldn't be able to program at this stage.

You have not attended the classes or finished the course he's doing. You have no knowledge of what will be covered in the course and what will not be. Thus you cannot possibly say that he is wasting his time by attending just because you do not agree with how the course started.

For instance, my course started with windows forms. We added a few buttons and just made messageboxes show whatever we typed into the text box, even drawing stickmen using the Graphics control. By the end of the course we had sufficient knowledge about datatypes, if statements, loops, classes, inheritance, IO and Databases implementation to be able to write decent sized systems.

Knowing the difference between a for and a foreach loop has nothing to do with whether the course uses windows forms to teach or if everything is done in the console. If the lecturer/tutorial maker is good, everything will be covered regardless of using forms or not.

Like i said in the previous post. Attending class and practicing is the best way of learning programming. No tutorial series can replace that. Program as much as you can and try to do things you're not sure you can do.
0 John McCartney · January 23, 2015

Thank you very much for your comments and defense ;). I am attending N.E. Tech and I'm a quarter away from my associates in S.E. The reason I asked about the format of the class was due to watching various tutorials on C# and most were just writing the code and not much of the "form". 

I struggle with code and I need a ton of practice. I think the philosophy of the class is to get familiar with the connection of each button, text box etc. and input the proper code. Right now I need to make a commission calculator. I will be spending my Saturday mornings in the tutoring lab at school which stinks, but I have no choice. It's a sacrifice I and my little girls make, but I'm committed and want to be successful. 

I wouldn't say it's a waste of time Branislav, my instructor is awesome and I enjoy the class very much, and I've learned a lot.

Eugene, could I email you now and then with some questions and advice with my code? I'd appreciate any advice :)

0 Eugene Botma · January 23, 2015
John feel free to PM me here. I'm here pretty much every day.
0 pete holley · April 10, 2015
hi. I am very new to this. I am still learning language. I am trying to figure out how to add more commands to this voice recognition.    my code works but when I try to add other words for it to recognize and respond it quites . please help. im using visual studeos
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