Buckys AJAX Chat Tutorial source code posting

+3 Michael Shafer · June 11, 2014
Where is the code posted for Bucky's AJAX Chat Tutorials?

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0 Declan Hester · June 14, 2014
Just to explain why people are looking for the source code: Bucky said in video #12 that he's posted the source code up, and there was a section in the YT video if you can pause it quickly enough or fiddle with the time well enough where we see the JS for the colour picker~ So far he's covered XML but not touched on the JS yet which seems to be an odd breaking point for an AJAX tutorial.
0 Ashish Poudel · July 27, 2015
i havent found the source code of AJAX Char
0 Michael Shafer · June 13, 2014
Isn't this his FORUM?
0 Declan Hester · June 13, 2014
@Jay Deshaun: TNB forum needs the /index.php in the link otherwise you get redirected to here. From a cursory search of "AJAX Chat" it does not seem to be on TNBForums or Bucky's Room
@Chan WongThat would be the way to go... if it were possible. The tutorials beyond #9 aren't on this site (at least, not in the Videos & Tutorials section), the tutorials beyond #19 (uploaded 1yr ago) where he seems to actually get in to the Javascript itself aren't on YouTube.
-1 Jay Deshaun · June 12, 2014
Have you checked his forum?
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