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+4 Dennis norton · January 22, 2015
hello people
im just starting out in game creation and im using construct 2.
Can anyone tell me if there is a tutorial or even how difficult it would be for a novice to make a multiplayer game
that 2 or more people could play over the internet using mobile phones, tablets etc

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0 Wojtek P · August 27, 2015
I second that. Could anyone link me to a tutorial on how to make a multiplayer game featuring for 10 or more players competing with eah other?

I have created an offline version with one player functionality but it is not playable as it is meant to be a multiplayer. How can I make a multiplayer based on what i have made so far in Construct 2? I would like my game to be Central Server Based.

scrirra. com does feature some info on a peer to peer connection multiplayer whereas I would ike to
make a standard Central Server Based Multiplayer. Can anyone help with this? There is no info
on how to make the Central Server Based game in Construct 2. Would it require some extra knowledge beyond Construct 2? If yes, I am all eyes and years to learn it from a relaliable and up to date source.
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