I am pleased to announce the launch of our website and the BETA build of the PyDark 2D Game Framework!

PyDark BETA Version

Synopsis: PyDark is a 2D game framework built on-top of PyGame and Python. PyDark is for new and experienced game developers looking to quickly develop 2D games for Windows, Linux, Mac and/or Android.


  • Server-sided client/server multiplayer networking code built-in via Twisted

  • Event-based 2D DarkSprite classes and local/network Player classes

  • 2D Physics engine built-in

  • 2D Sprite manipulation built-in for scaling, rotating and modifying sprites in real-time

  • Audio handled directly via PyGame

  • UI elements shipped and DarkSprite objects can be used to quickly create custom UI sprites

  • IO module shipped that allows you to read, write and execute custom formatted files

  • Security module shipped which allows you to encode and decode your games network packet data in a custom format

  • Built-in MAC, Linux, Windows and Android compilation module that allows you to easily package your games for distribution

  • Easy-to-understand syntax and code


  • Python 2.7.x

  • PIL or Pillow

  • PyGame

  • zope.interface

  • Twisted



PyDark BETA is subject to change and the most up-to-date code can be downloaded on the aforementioned link above