How to make a website like youtube???

+5 Erp Eight · June 11, 2014
Hey guys. How many programming languages do i have to learn to make a website like YouTube?Serious reply please

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+2 Steven the awesome · July 19, 2014
At first Youtube is very big, you need to be very experienced in development to make a website like this. 'You would probably also need more people to make a website like this'. Although it is really hard to do it, you can make for a basic version of Youtube. You would need to know HTML, CSS, Javascript and php. 'PHP is really important in the web dev world'. Also you need to learn ASP.NET and Python. 
And maybe can this link help you to start the project!

Good Luck!
+2 Source Slayer · June 27, 2014
On the modern web, you don't need flash. Like others have said, learn a backend and then some standard html, css, etc. Not to be rude, but seriously, if you have to ask, you probably should wait for more experience. 
+2 Bos Eriko Reyes · August 7, 2014
YouTube is made using Python (Probably Django? Not sure, though). So learn Python if you want a server-side scripting like YouTube. As for the player, HTML5 will do.
+1 Thomas Lock · June 14, 2014
Learn PHP and MySQL then set up JW Player or something with it.
Good luck xD
+1 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 22, 2014
if you want it to really be like youtube or maybe quite similar you need a good understanding of actionscript/flash, also video encoding and all that.... but you could always start small.
+1 Donny Garner · March 25, 2015
Google YouTube Clones. Ta-da!  Now you can have your very own YouTube. But you might experience problems on the backend because streaming videos creates a high-load on a server if not configured properly... annnnnd you probably won't understand shit I say if I continue typing. So. I'll. just. stop. meow :3
+1 Sampan Verma · March 27, 2015
It is amazing to note that Youtube uses Python in its developement. Moreover Youtube has focused on its HTML and CSS.
It also uses PHP(not sure) and MySQL(again not sure). It uses (.HTACCESS). JavaScript is also important because this will increase user interactivity.
You need tons of 1000000000TBs of empty hard disks because there will be millions of 10GB videoes which might be uploaded every second. Moreover server should server with speed in TB/s because there will be many users who might have fast internet connection(more than the speed of normal server). If they do have high speed(100MB/s - 1GB/s) they might upload stuff continuosly which can fill up your harddisks quickly.
Only being a master in programming languages or other language stuff will not help you. 
0 Shamal Sandeep · August 10, 2014
Hey Bos Eriko Reyes! 
YouTube is not built with Django though It uses python. We can't basically say that there is only a limited number of programming languages would be sufficient to make a website like YouTube. Day by day new attacks are coming new technologies are arriving. But If you want a quick overview. You should probably learn C++, Python, Ruby, Flash and other front end languages and frameworks like JavaScript, Json, XML. And also you must have a good CDN handle all the requests in time otherwise your site will become slower slower.
0 Chathula Sampath · June 11, 2014
as i know...


i think this will be enough! :D
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 6, 2015
The video part is easy, but the users uploading stuff, and signing up part might be a bit complicated. You would need Sql, and pho for that. also HTML css and js
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