android emulator crash

+1 abdo ayman · January 21, 2015
how can i fix this error ?? i tried alot with google search but i cant
PANIC: Missing emulator engine program for 'arm' CPUS.

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0 castulo ramirez · April 23, 2017
Hey, It works for me (taken from

- Launch Android SDK Tools > SDK Manager
- Under Tools folder, Choose Android SDK Tools
- Choose 'Delete 1 Package' to remove Android SDK Tools
- Choose 'Install 1 Package' to reinstall Android SDK Tools

just in case of starting to get the next error:

Error running app: This version of Android Studio is incompatible with the Gradle Plugin used. Try disabling Instant Run (or updating either the IDE or the Gradle plugin to the latest version)

do this:

1 - In Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment option -> Instant Run
2 - Clear Enable instant run to hot swap code
3 - Clean project
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