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-2 Artemis Fowl · June 11, 2014
Hello guys I am a girl using my brother's account so umm can you guys help me and post a HTML5 code for an awesome Social networking site it is fine if it is in PHP also but please guys can you help me and paste a code for a social networking site please guys I am begging you

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0 Nivilus Vranck · July 21, 2014
+3 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 23, 2014
@Grant Play nice :)
+3 Samuel Oloruntoba · June 22, 2014
There is guy here on Buckysroom who can help you, he has been making tutorials on how to make a social network, i think that you might want to watch his videos, you can check his youtube channel HERE his name is James
0 Alexander Taylor · June 13, 2014
*facepalm* just use the source code from buckysroom, it is an open source social medium after allff
-2 Artemis Fowl · June 12, 2014
Pls help me guys
0 Chathula Sampath · June 11, 2014
Post a CODE ! Are you kidding here.. #LOL i think it is not fare enough..
if you are making a socail site.. you have to code many things with html5/css .. thats not easy to pase here lol ...
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