I love the videos. This is likely the only place where things are updated. However, I noticed a website using/stealing your videos..
I started with their mobile app and noticed they are using them. I also came upon multiple other apps that use them.
Guess in a way that's a good thing. But, at the same time doesn't appear they're crediting sources.

Anyways, my simple request is if a problem statement could be included in the video series every X episodes to recap all previous videos and help viewers out a lot by giving them a unique example program. I constantly try finding videos like that because I learn better doing and without a lot of knowledge it's more difficult to come up with my own simple ideas. I think of an idea, but it usually requires things I've not yet learned and then I try to find said things and I end up in a circle xD. So, I think it would be awesome to have a few review videos that make a real usable application.
A few people I noticed actually make intentional errors in problem statement videos. This makes the "do nots" more emphasised.
The guy in the videos above have a good method for the problem statements. But, lacks some of the detail you cover over the specifics, also he only has a few videos. Which is why I think a method like that is better utilized for review videos.

I should note. My idea of a problem statement video is I can work the problem statement on my own then go over it with the video. fixing my errors if I made any. This I helps me fully understand what I'm learning.