VT Not Supported - Can't use AVD in Android Studio?

0 Mat Brown · January 21, 2015
Is it possible to use the Android Studio AVD simulator if your computer has an AMD processor instead of an Intel one? 
I have tried to run the executable (HAXM) and I receive the following error message.

This computer does not support Intel Visualization Technology (VT-x). HAXM cannot be installed.
I'm on a Windows 8.1 (unfortunately)  machine with an AMD processor.
I logged into the BIOS and there was no option to enable Visualization Technology.

Am I out of luck and should buy a new computer with an Intel processor?
Or is there a work around to still use all the features of the Android studio?

Thank you!

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0 Mat Brown · January 29, 2015
Hi Steve,

Thank you for the suggestion, that sounds like a good idea. Thank you. :) 

I would also like to say thank you to Seems Legit for the suggestion to use armeabi option when creating an Android machine. When I first tried this I thought it did not work and so I moved onto my other computer and started programming in Eclipse. To my surprise it did actually work... It was just super slow and I should have waited longer and been more patient. The total time to load the android machine was 33 minutes. lol 

It's all working though :)

0 Seems Legit · January 21, 2015
Maybe if you try creating an Android machine in your AVD with the option 'Armeabi'? Let me know if it helped.
0 Mat Brown · January 28, 2015
Hi Seems Legit, 

Thank you for the reply to my post.
I tried creating an Android machine in the AVD with the armeabi option and still had no luck.
I even obtained another laptop with an Intel processor, repeated the steps just to discover it did not support VT either.
I have decided to go back to using Eclipse to do my Android development... 

Thank you.
0 Steve O · January 28, 2015
What you could do is connect an Android handset via USB and use that to run the apps you're developing. An advantage of doing it that way is that it runs more quickly than the VM.

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