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0 Joedanica Casanova · January 20, 2015
I am using notepad++ in encoding programs, there are differences between the two of them? the notepad++ and the eclipse?

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0 Mike Conroy · January 21, 2015
Both programs share features (such as plug--ins, syntax highlighting, package explorers) and can be used for programming but Eclipse has many more features that specifically make it more useful for programming. This includes things like a debugger, and more powerful code completion to name a few. It is much more powerful when dealing with big projects which have many packages and classes. Eclipse also has features such as instantly letting you know of any compile time errors and tells you how to fix them.

Notepad++ has more flexibility and is much quicker (you wouldn't open Eclipse just to make a note) but doesn't have as many features for Java development as Eclipse.

Personally I use Eclipse for when I'm programming in Java and use Notepad++ for web development and just general text files.
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