Working with SQL files for sub-domain customers

0 Johnny Lassiter · June 11, 2014

I run a domain site for all of our churches (40+ churches).  Each church has a sub-domain for it's church.  One of our churches have a professional webmaster for their site and want to access my area, which is the main domain to tinkle with MySQL for his sub-domain.  I told him I didn't want to jeopardize global changes for the other churches.  

Is this necessary when I've already set him up for WordPress 3.9.1 as he requested?

What would be, your thought, the reason why he would want to access that area vs what was already given him?

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0 Nikola Novakovic · June 13, 2014
I know I am not Bucky but maybe I can help out.

If I got this , you have your domain which has subdomains, you want a third-party to access your subdomain, you made WordPress System on that subdomain and gave it to that webmaster?

If he wants to work with wordpress and wordpress databases, he should only have access to wordpress database nothing else. He does not need access to all other sql stuff. :)
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