+4 Sheldon Juncker · January 20, 2015
Hey, guys, we currently have four people (including myself) who have agreed to work on the project. Let's try to get one or two more and then we'll move on to the next phase.

Meanwhile, we still need to come up with the name for the language. We have quite a few suggestions, but we still need more. Hopefully, there will be something there that everyone will agree is good. After that, we can work on setting up a GitHub page for the project.

After this, we'll have to make some decisions about what kind of language we are going to create.

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+1 Landon Luman · January 22, 2015
This isn't the hardest task. You won't have to worry about assembly and stuff like that, This will be for web development and general purpose
+1 Sheldon Juncker · January 22, 2015
Agreed. While we might consider making a compiler later on, at first we'll just focus on creating a great language.
0 Abdullah Nauman · February 3, 2015
I think we should make a language like coffeescript, or Typescript. One that interprets in to JavaScript.
0 Sheldon Juncker · February 3, 2015
The language probably won't be a client-side language at first, but we could make a translator to convert it to JS. Having one language for client and server programming would be great.
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