What the name should be?

+3 Landon Luman · January 18, 2015
I am asking all who want to help with this, or just a suggester, what should the name be? This will be a powerful language, which requires a powerful name. So we're just looking for suggestions!


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+1 Sheldon Juncker · February 2, 2015
Alright, let's hear everyone's favorite name(s) for the language!

I'll start with my three favorites of everything that has been come up with.

  1. Lynx

  2. Orion/Hydra (Tie)

  3. EZ

+1 Sheldon Juncker · January 30, 2015
Has everyone seen the poll for the language's name?

+2 Sheldon Juncker · January 26, 2015
Yeah, I don't know either. Anyway, everyone should post their favorite names so that we can decide on the name for the language.
+2 Daniel Collier · January 24, 2015
im not sure :/ i'd say that it doesn't count but that's me :/
+2 Sheldon Juncker · January 23, 2015
Do you think that it counts since it's a DSL?
+2 Sheldon Juncker · January 23, 2015
I agree. Unfortunately, it's taken. :(

+2 Daniel Collier · January 23, 2015
how about Atom ? seems really cool :)
+3 Sheldon Juncker · January 22, 2015
It's been a while and we haven't gotten any new team members, so let's move on to the next step. We need to decide on the name, which can be something mentioned above or something new. What name seems best?
+2 Sheldon Juncker · January 19, 2015
Good suggestions!

And for those who like Astronomy:

  • Fornax

  • Hydra

  • Lynx

  • Orion

  • Pegasus

  • Phoenix

  • Scorpius

+2 Landon Luman · January 19, 2015
We can name it C Shell or C Shore xD
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