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+1 Kai Saunderson · June 11, 2014
Hey, I run the Photoshop page and have nothing else at this current time to upload.
Could anybody give me a few ideas/inspirations or suggestions that I could make and upload? :)

Thanks in advance, guys!:-D

(If you haven't seen/followed the page; follow now! )

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+2 Buddy Blackford · June 12, 2014
I'm currently working on the photoshop cs6 tutorials, so when we start uploading them to thenewboston youtube page you could post those.

But I always enjoy links to inspiration, free presets/brushes/elements/etc, and the latest news about the program
0 Pablo Jose · June 17, 2014
Maybe something having to do with the World Cup, which is currently happening.

0 Emily Cash · June 17, 2014
You could create a BuckysRoom logo type thingy. 
0 Kai Saunderson · June 17, 2014
Thanks for the replies, I'll definitely get too it asap!  
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