Android Studio is too slow for me

+1 Alexandru Pereteanu · January 18, 2015
Hi Guys,

I`ve just started watching Bucky`s Android Studio tutorials and i noticed that for him Android Studio opens up very fast at startup.
For me it is not the case, it takes about 4 minutes for it to load when i run it and i don`t understand why.
Starting up the emulator also is pretty slow but i read that that`s how Android Studio works when starting the emulator.

Could it be that my Android studio loads up so slow because i have installed to many packages and API`s in the SDK manager?
My laptopspecs:
4GB Ram, i5 processor

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+1 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · January 19, 2015
you can always try using genymotion.
+3 Adrian Boisclair · January 19, 2015
You need more ram....

I have 6GB and it takes a min...

Now I use my girlfriends 10" ASUS Tablet.  It just sends the app to the tablet and my computer doesn't have to load an emulator. 
0 Alexandru Pereteanu · January 19, 2015
I will try to get more ram.

Do you have any idea if installing to many API packages slows it down? i have installed all the packages from Android 3.0 API11 to Android 5.0.1 API 21.
+1 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · January 19, 2015
the API packages don't make it slow.
 do other applications take time to open?
0 Adam Jefferson · January 19, 2015
Adrian described it precisely so I just want to show the picture from task manager while android studio and emulator are running  so than with other apps, nearly 5 GB or RAM is used.
So use your smartphone or tablet because 1.7 GB isn't a little and your laptop will work more easily and faster. 
0 H. P. Lovecraft · January 19, 2015
What kind of hard drive do you have? 
0 Alexandru Pereteanu · January 20, 2015

ok so i get error HTTP 302 when i try to upload an image.

I have a laptop with 5400 RPM 500GB Hard Drive

Since i cannot add an image, i will tell you what i see on task MGR, i have outlook, firefox and Android studio + emulator running right now:
CPU  oscillates between 15 - 25%
ram stays constant at 3.3 / 3.9  85%
disk is 6%
+2 H. P. Lovecraft · January 20, 2015
You might want to upgrade your hard disk drive (HDD) to a solid state drive (SSD). Sadly SSD's are not very cheap, and is a rather costly upgrade. However it is very much worth it. More RAM could also help, but it will not have as much impact as an SSD.

Alternatively just try to live with the slow speeds. 
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