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+1 Marcus Brown · January 18, 2015
Hello all,
i knew thenewboston channel for a really long time, since he was really unpopular, and i also knew that this channel will be like super usefull someday in my life. Well, i think that time has come now, when i decided to try to be a programmer and, i took some discourses at university which should help a bit with it. how it will be, will i achieve it or not we will see, but hey, at least  1 thing what i can do about it is to try.
So recently i started to learn from buckys c++ series and finished it yesterday. of course, its only very basics of c++ but still i think it might help a lot to understand programming concepts. and also what i think after this series that its not the best way to go for gui desktop applications. cuz mainly i want to create desktop gui applications and some web programming.

so... i need some advice about.. i want to start with desktop gui applications firstly, so what languages could be most usefull in this specific road? I've been thinking about java, but i dont really know other languages pros and cons so can't really decide..

thanks in advance,
very pleasent to join this forum.

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0 Rian F · February 12, 2015
You want to make GUI programs. The thing with GUI's is that they require you to know the basics first. For my first year of college and even now I still use the command line. It's just easier and quicker but I can see how it can be boring. Java is a good language to start out with as it gets rid of a lot of the confusion in C/C++ with pointers and what not. 
0 Mr. Computer · February 12, 2015
for web programming you need xhtml/css , JavaScript, JQuery 
for GUI applications C# first
+2 Çağlan Turgut · February 13, 2015
I agree with Branislav. There are plenty of reasons to choose one language over another. It doesn't really matter as long as you do not try to start GUI development with C++ or something even lower level(Well actually you can, this is what I did (C++) long ago but it took ages(literally years) to do some most basic things). Just pick something like Java, C# or whatever you like. It really doesn't matter as long as you are motivated enough to study & work hard. 
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