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+5 Jonah Morrison · June 10, 2014
Does anyone know when this site will be released as open source?

-Jonah :P

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+1 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
I must say that you those points are pretty strong and you changed my opinion. It really makes sense when you think about it. I looked at the website from a commercial standpoint, that was the mistake.
0 Nahiyan Alamgir · August 15, 2014
Nikola, I don't think people stealing the source code will affect the site or anyone negatively. BR is not a commercial product which must be protected from stealth! If someone uses the source code in their own project without permission, it really doesn't matter. The source code of BR is comparable to the source code of Google Chrome. Both of them are free and whether someone plays with the source code, makes a fake stuff with it, etc, it really doesn't matter. The site must be made open source because people can contribute to it and it was the fundamental idea when Bucky opened the campaign. He said that FB has 3500 employees and BR has everyone else. It meant that BR would be maintained and developed by people all over the world. Please reconsider your opinion and compare it with open source projects like Linux Kernel, Google Chrome, V8 Javascript Engine, etc. Moreover, the source code doesn't contain any secret algorithm or anything like that which is worth protecting. There are tons of sites like BR! Let people steal and we better do our work to make BR a better place for everyone.
0 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
I am really not sure , how much one law , if broken in that country ( lets say USA ) , and the actual person lives in another under-developed third world country in which the fact that he took the code does not make much of a difference, has an effect on that person ? 

I really don't know this, but if the law of the USA actually permits taking them even if they broke their law, in another country , then I agree that we should make it open source with an educational license.
0 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
Or maybe share the code to people that are actually in BuckysRoom social network. That way we could at least prevent stealing a little bit and we would have the code at our fingertips to make this website, that I really love much more the facebook, a better place. 
0 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
Just because that it says on a document somewhere that the website shares a code only for educational purposes that does not mean that someone will not go in and steal the code, refactor it a bit ( maybe even not that ) and publish it as its own. 

We live in a world where people steal from each other just to get their finance status up. This will be the same if the project gets open-source. Some person from a country that is far far away from the USA ( because I think it would be harder to pull off this in the states, laws are a bit more strict on this matter there ) will just copy and paste this, do a bit of a redesign and there we have it a new super awesome ultra fun social network that he/she made.

Heck someone from my country could easily steal the code with whatever license and make it live.

The code should remain closed. :)
+1 Nahiyan Alamgir · August 14, 2014
I love Bucky and his tutorials. However, I think it should have been open source by now as that's what Bucky promised in his Indiegogo campaign. People were attracted mainly because it was promised to be open source unlike the leading social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It was not just a personal promise, it was professional. People contributed to the campaign and now Bucky made closed source BR instead.

I disagree with people who think making it open source wouldn't be such a good idea. Have you checked out the source code of Linux? Even I can go ahead and send a pull request for Linus Torvalds. We don't care whether people steal the source code for their own project. We just care about making a better social networking site. The same goal of the Linux project. Today security patches of Windows are coded by employees of Microsoft but the rest of the world does it for Linux. You guys think the source code should be released only when the code is mature? C'mon, releasing the source would help it get mature even faster! Again, just check out the pull requests and commits of Linux's Github project! It's getting better everyday. Torvalds didn't wait for the source code to be perfect. I believe BR would be much better today if it was open source in the first place. Bucky could have also made tutorials on understanding the source code and contributing to it.

I strongly believe that BR should turn into an open source project as soon as possible.
-1 Haydyn Perih · July 21, 2014
The site was already released as open source a long time ago. You want it? Here:
0 Jonah Morrison · June 11, 2014
So hes not releasing it on Git? where is he releasing it then?
-1 Jonah Morrison · June 11, 2014
He cant?
+4 Jonah Morrison · June 11, 2014
I really hate to say this: You guys are wrong. If its a programming community then people can learn a ton from seeing the source code. As well it becomes more of a community when other people help build features. It goes from 1 person to lots of people.

Like Bucky said before. Facebook has 5000 employees, we have everyone else.

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