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+5 Jonah Morrison · June 10, 2014
Does anyone know when this site will be released as open source?

-Jonah :P

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0 Nikola Novakovic · August 15, 2014
I am really not sure , how much one law , if broken in that country ( lets say USA ) , and the actual person lives in another under-developed third world country in which the fact that he took the code does not make much of a difference, has an effect on that person ? 

I really don't know this, but if the law of the USA actually permits taking them even if they broke their law, in another country , then I agree that we should make it open source with an educational license.
0 Nahiyan Alamgir · August 15, 2014
Nikola, I don't think people stealing the source code will affect the site or anyone negatively. BR is not a commercial product which must be protected from stealth! If someone uses the source code in their own project without permission, it really doesn't matter. The source code of BR is comparable to the source code of Google Chrome. Both of them are free and whether someone plays with the source code, makes a fake stuff with it, etc, it really doesn't matter. The site must be made open source because people can contribute to it and it was the fundamental idea when Bucky opened the campaign. He said that FB has 3500 employees and BR has everyone else. It meant that BR would be maintained and developed by people all over the world. Please reconsider your opinion and compare it with open source projects like Linux Kernel, Google Chrome, V8 Javascript Engine, etc. Moreover, the source code doesn't contain any secret algorithm or anything like that which is worth protecting. There are tons of sites like BR! Let people steal and we better do our work to make BR a better place for everyone.
0 Jonah Morrison · June 11, 2014
So hes not releasing it on Git? where is he releasing it then?
-1 Haydyn Perih · July 21, 2014
The site was already released as open source a long time ago. You want it? Here:
-1 Jonah Morrison · June 11, 2014
He cant?
-2 H. P. Lovecraft · June 11, 2014
Reddit is open source. I don't see the problem
-2 H. P. Lovecraft · June 11, 2014
He can't host the project on GitHub (as he said) with a educational license. 
-4 Tyler Watkins · June 11, 2014
I agree with @Raahim. Social media sites shouldn't be open sourced because then everyone will start making their own social media sites and it will get to the point where everyone has their own and there is no need for anyone else's but their own. I think we should stick to being once collective community. I don't know about you, but Buckysroom sure is a great place to socialize with others for me. :)
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