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+3 Ahmed Azzouz · January 17, 2015
hi i'm learning xhtml&CSS i got stuck in 9th tutorial because i did the tag correctly copied the image to the same place as my webpage and wrote the name.extention correctly as you can see down but all i get is that when a picture isn't loading like this
here is the very simple beginner instructions :3
</doctype html!>
<title>this is the title !</title>

<img src="chess.jpeg" />


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0 Ahmed Azzouz · January 18, 2015
Thanks i hope it works because im not using computer ill tell you in both ways if it worked or no
0 Ahmed Azzouz · January 18, 2015
still not workin :'(
0 Mike Conroy · January 18, 2015
The code you posted should work. Are you sure the image "chess.jpeg" exists in the same folder as the html file?
0 Ahmed Azzouz · January 18, 2015
thanks Martijn the jpg worked :) but i'm wondering why it wont read the jpeg...thanks again
0 Leon Lauritsen · January 18, 2015
The reason why it dont wanna read the .jpeg is because that the HTML creators choosed so xD :D 
+1 Bernard Pyc0d333 Parah · January 18, 2015
jpeg is the file type while jpg is the extension.
mostly you use .gif,.png or jpg for image extensions.
the code  recognizes extensions.

just like mp4,mp3 etc are  extensions for mpeg, .exe for executable files, etc.
+1 Ahmed Azzouz · January 18, 2015
thanks you all guys for explaining 
0 Arnab Banerjee · January 20, 2015
Make sure that you get your image in the same folder where you are saving all your html files. And double check the image name (names are case sensitive) and also make sure you are using exactly correct extensions, if you do these things right your code should not have any kind of problems. :)
+1 Ahmed Azzouz · January 22, 2015
Thanks but the problem is solved already
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