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+1 Leonardo Francis · January 16, 2015
I would like to know if instead of using an Android emulator to built the app Can I use my own smartphone to run it?

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0 Amit . · January 16, 2015
yes, you can.
0 Guillermo Gonzalez · January 17, 2015
Yeah, read this.
0 Kuroodo Ditory · January 17, 2015
To download the USB drivers required, just go to the website of your manufacturer and search for your phone.

Or you can search through google.
For me, it would be "LG Motion USB drivers".

Then when connected and working, just run your android project and select your phone. Now if it automatically runs the emulator instead of giving you the prompt to chose your phone, it is because eclipse (if using eclipse) is set to automatically run the emulator. I don't remember how to disable this.
0 Adrian Boisclair · January 19, 2015
Once you switch from a virtual device to an actual android device It [Android Studio] uses a lot less system resources, considering that it doesn't have to load up a virtual device.  It definitely helps to use a physical device when watching Bucky's video's and coding along on a dual monitor setup.
+1 Tim Herreijgers · January 19, 2015
If you want to use your phone to build apps on don't forget to enable USB debugging. On android 4.2 and higher developer options are hidden by default, but you can enable them by tapping the build number in the about section in setting 7 times. 
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