Having problems with running java in cmd

+1 Julio Esteban Asiain Neno · January 15, 2015
I was following the second video of the java(beginner) tutorial and I have this problem. http://i.imgur.com/ymTxoAA.png
Help D:

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0 Gabriel Levesque · January 20, 2015
Can you provide the same .class compiled java file please?

If it works on my computer, I would get to the conclusion that your java is wrongly installed, or
that you have multiple java instance in your PATH.

I suggest to remove every java installation or possible java trace on your computer.
Then, reinstall only one version of java.

You seems to have a "default" java installation that came with your computer, since theres a java.exe in C:\Windows\System32.
That could be the conflict.
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